Psycho Rudy Projects "You're Lying"... Again - How Ironic
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2021-12-01 03:05:03 UTC
On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 09:46:58 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
Hartung says the woman's house was searched because she harassed school board
meetings. That's a lie. Her house was searched because she hacked into local
election systems.

The liar accuses others of lying.



There are several theories for why some people can't stop lying.

Rudy's a narcissist.

Narcissists are often pathological liars, because they simply don't care about
the truth.

They prefer to tell lies and gain control over people than be honest.

Sometimes, compulsive liars are highly impulsive people who struggle to take
the time to think things through and tell the truth.

Lying doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, but it could be a sign of
something more sinister.

By the age of three or four, we all start to lie. At this point in our brain's
development, we learn that we have an incredibly versatile and powerful tool at
our disposal - our language - and we can use it to actually play with reality
and affect the outcome of what's happening.

Sooner or later we learn that lying is "bad," and we shouldn't really do it.
But if Jim Carey's "Liar Liar" taught us anything, it's that this just isn't
feasible. We all have to lie sometimes.

But some people are pathological liars, meaning they can't stop spreading
misinformation about themselves and others. The psychological reasons for why
some people are this way is a bit of a mystery, but in the third edition of the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, pathological lying is a
disorder in its own right, as well as a symptom of personality disorders like
psychopathy and narcissism.

"I think it comes from a defect in the neurological wiring in terms of what
causes us to have compassion and empathy," psychiatrist Judith Orloff, author
of "The Empath's Survival Guide," told Business Insider. "Because narcissists,
sociopaths, and psychopaths have what's called empathy deficient disorder,
meaning they don't feel empathy in the way we would."

The Truth Doesn't Matter to Narcissists

When you don't care about other people, lies don't seem to matter. A lack of
empathy essentially means a lack of conscience, which is a hard concept to
grasp for a lot of people.

"When they lie it doesn't hurt them in the same way it would hurt us," Orloff
said. "So many people get into relationships with pathological liars, or just
can't understand why they're lying, because they're trying to fit these people
into the ordinary standards of what it means to be empathetic."

But they don't fit. In fact, they may not even realize they are lying half the
time, because they're not conscious of it. Orloff said they actually believe
they are telling the truth a lot of the time. It's not so much about the fact
itself, she said, as it is about wanting to have power over somebody.

This is extremely dangerous for highly sensitive people, because they attract
narcissists. Then when they see someone is lying, they try and figure it out,
or blame themselves. Once the lies start, it can end with the victim being
gaslighted, which is essentially when they are told over and over again that
their version of reality is incorrect, and they begin to believe the warped
truth of the abuser.

"The great power of relationships is when you can tell the truth to one
another, and trust each other, and be authentic - and with pathological liars
you can't trust them," Orloff said. "You can't base your life around them. It's
like a moral deficit, and there's no accountability. Someone who is a
pathological liar will not say I'm sorry for doing it. They will say it's your

The only way to escape the clutches of a pathological liar is to be strong
enough to say "no this is not my fault, this is not ringing true to me, so I
can't really trust you," she said.

Unfortunately, people tend to doubt themselves, because the lies can escalate
subtly. It may start with a small white lie, and a few months later the
victim's life with be a mess of confusion because of the web of tall tales that
has been woven.

"If somebody lies, don't try and make an excuse about it," Orloff said. "A lie
is a lie. And if you bring it up to the person and they say it's your fault, or
no it didn't happen, just know there's something very wrong going on."

Psychologist Linda Blair, an author of many psychology books, told Business
Insider some compulsive liars are simply too impulsive to tell the truth. The
impulsive-reflective scale is ingrained in our genes, and it's very hard for
someone highly impulsive to take the time to think things through, just as it
is a challenge for a reflective person to jump into something head first.

"If you're an impulsive person, it's really hard to break the habit, because
you have this terrible feeling inside you that you have to sort things out
right now," Blair said. "So when it comes to your head, you just say it. That
doesn't mean you necessarily lie, but it's a little harder for you to stop from
lying, more than it is for someone who's more reflective."

Pathological lying and narcissism aren't synonymous, they just sometimes go
hand in hand. In other cases, compulsive liars just might not have the capacity
to stop themselves blurting things out. And Blair said they just need to learn
to control their urges and compulsions. Their lies don't necessarily come from
a bad place.

"I don't think it's something they know how to deal with," she said. "We think
probably it has something to do with actual brain function and the way some
people's brains work, which makes it much harder for them to understand the
effect it will have on other people... We think, but we just don't know yet
for sure."
Rudy Canoza
2021-12-01 03:17:08 UTC
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On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 09:46:58 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
Hartung says the woman's house was searched because she harassed school board
meetings. That's a lie. Her house was searched because she hacked into local
election systems.
I suck. I blow. I'm a liar. I'm a liar who sucks and blows.
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On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 19:17:08 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
Prof. Canoza

His, common traits such, as:

Grandiose Feelings of Superiority

Delusions of Infallibility




As Rudy lashes out with vindictiveness, the malignant narcissist will continue
to talk about himself in glowing terms (Professor Canoza)

An IT guy. [giggle]

This alternate persona often comes across as grandiose, "above others,"
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Deep down, and clinging desperately not simply to a positive but grandiose
sense of self, Rudy feels compelled at all costs to block out any negative
feedback about himself, (hence the never-ending replies to ANY article about

Poor, Rudy.
Rudy Canoza
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On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 19:17:08 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
Prof. Canoza
His, common traits
The comma is wrong, and *no*, it was not intentional.

You are the psychopath and congenital liar. This is proved.