This Is Really Sad... Rudy Canola Is Such A Lonely Little Dweeb, He Lies On PURPOSE To Get People To Pway Wife Him
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2021-11-29 00:55:27 UTC
AC: Hey Rudy... you ever going to own up to these lies you told?


I told no lies.

Rudy: A liar (Cap Allon). It didn't get to -50C and school was not canceled.


It's always cold in Yakutsk.


AC: YAKUTIA, idiot... not Yakutsk.

NO ONE said it got to -50C IN Yakutsk, liar. Not me OR Cap Allon.





LOL... jealous little lying narcissist.

This wasn't IN Yakutsk, you pansy-ass LITTLE pussy. Yakutsk was ONLY mentioned
as a geographical "marker", since it's the largest town around in that AREA.

It was in the REGION of YAKUTIA, in the VILLAGE OF KYLAIY. You took it upon
yourself to go and find temperature readings from Yakutsk (LOL... made you look
it up!), but Yakutsk is NOT the topic.

It's NOT Yakutsk, you sad little lying midget.


Rudy: You cited that lying cocksucker "Cap Allon" saying exactly that, you
cocksucking liar.


AC: LOL... are we getting mad, bro?

Nope... NO one said Yakutsk, making you a liar. Of course, we already KNOW that
you lie, just to make yourself feel better about your failed life, and needing
us to reply to you, so you can do that very thing.

And the only people sucking cock around here, are you and you liberal friends.

You haven't debunked ONE SINGLE article I've posted with Cap Allon's name on


Poor loser midget.


Rudy: It was a lie, of course. You always lie.

AC: Debunked it, liar.

Rudy: You are going to die.


AC: Yeah, when I'm older and sick... not from anything YOU WILL EVER DO....


Rudy, The Insanely Jealous Narcissist Liar

Rudy, the narcissist, usually has a deep need to be better than everyone else.
This makes him likely to become jealous of anyone he perceives as better than
him in any possible way.

Surprisingly, you don't have to be better in a real sense for you to trigger
his jealousy.

As long as you have any advantage he doesn't have, that's enough to make him
jealous. Sometimes jealousy can force Rudy the narcissist to act in ways that
defy normal human behaviour.

Jealousy is one of the emotions that makes Rudy, the narcissist, both hilarious
and sad.

A Sense of Competition:

A sense of competition, real or perceived can trigger jealous narcissists,
like Rudy.

Surpassing a narcissist, like Rudy, at anything that you are both involved in
or succeeding at something he failed at, can make him extremely jealous.

Rudy Has Low Self-Esteem:

Rudy, the narcissist, may not be jealous of someone on Usenet, who is better
looking, as long as he is confident in his looks.


But, he isn't, so he isn't confident in his ability to socialize. Rudy is
always jealous of his social and Usenet rivals, who make him look like the runt
child he is... daily.

Actually... Rudy, the narcissist, makes himself look like a child. We do not
need to help him in this realm.

Because Rudy, the narcissist has very low self-esteem behind the mask of ultra-
confidence, he becomes very jealous of anyone who has genuine confidence...
like those he pretends to be better than.

They Are Happier Than Rudy:

When a narcissist is depressed, he doesn't like to see someone happier and
excited, especially if that person makes him look stupid... which is usually

This is because he knows that a happy person is powerful. Powerful enough to
make him feel like a worthless turd... that is, until that person makes a
spelling or grammar mistake.

Rudy's self-esteem is so low, that even though HE'S fucked up so many times,
grammatically and spelling-wise, he still has to show his imaginary
superiority, by pointing out others' mistakes.

When you are happy, you became more confident, assertive and clear-minded. On
the other hand, when a person is sad or depressed, he usually feels weak and
vulnerable, like Rudy, who lashes out at those he sees as his superiors.

When a narcissist, like Rudy is depressed, feelings of vulnerability that
accompany depression make him see a happy person as a threat, especially when
it's a person that he doesn't get along with, which is 99.9% of Usenet, since
he's a homophobic racist, who insults everyone, because Rudy HATES everyone he
thinks is his superior.

Rudy Is Insecure:

Insecurities make a person doubt his ability to keep anyone interested.

If he is financially unsuccessful (well... YEAH!) and believes that his Usenet
rivals are MORE successful (well... duh!), he may be very jealous their

Rudy, the narcissist, hates it when people around him are better in every
possible way. He needs to be above everybody else in order to feel superior,
and have the ability to sleep.

For this reason, he becomes very jealous of anyone he sees as superior than
him, especially when there is a sense of competition.

We Are Stealing His Attention:

refutations. He only replies to say, "play with me!"

Rudy doesn't have the mental capacity to form his own opinions on subject
matters that are above his head, so he simply replies in the negative, even if
it's proven that the OP is correct in everything he says or quotes.

Because he thinks that he is better than common people, Rudy believes that he
deserves more attention than the average Usenet member.

Getting the attention that a narcissist believes HE deserves, can cause a lot
of jealousy.

Poor Rudy.
Rudy Canoza
2021-11-29 01:00:26 UTC
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Rudy: A liar (Cap Allon). It didn't get to -50C and school was not canceled.
That's a fact.
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[snip plagiarized bullshit AlleyPussyCunt hasn't even read]