School Cancelled In Yakutia, Russia As Temperatures Plunge To -50C (-58F)
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2021-11-29 01:31:12 UTC
School Canceled In Yakutia, Russia As Temperatures Plunge To -50C (-58F)

November 23, 2021 Cap Allon





Pupils across at least ten villages in the remote Russian region of Yakutia
have been ordered to stay at home and study via distance learning as the
mercury outside touched -50C (-58F), reports rt.com.

On Monday, November 22, the local government instructed 700 students to stay at
home after a low of -50C (-58F) was recorded in the village of Kylaiy, in the
Ust-Aldan district of Yakutia province - not too far from the region's largest
city of Yakutsk.

Other notable lows in the province include the -45C (-49F) in Batamay; the -
44.8C (-48.6F) in Kerbo, Central Siberia; the -39.6C (-39.3F) in Verkhoyansk.

The Siberian Times
Nearly 700 children are off school today in Ust-Aldansky district of Yakutia,
as air t there dipped to -49C/-50C. Pupils in Yakutia continue to attend
schools till t dips below -45C; though last time it was -48C in Yakutsk &
children were off school they didn't seem to rush home


The exemption has only been granted to young children, meaning some older
students are still being told to attend lessons "depending on the
temperature" - the mercury fell to -38C (-36.4F) on Monday in Yakutsk, where
classes are going on as usual.

Much of Asia has been engulfed by strong Arctic air masses in recent weeks, and
temperature departures of as much as -22C below the seasonal average have been
suffered in the nations of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China, among others.


This early-season polar cold hasn't just been confined to the land, either.

As reported by thetimes.co.uk, at least 20 ships remain stuck in sea ice off
Russian coastlines after an 'unexpected early freeze took shipping companies by
surprise' - some could be stranded for months as they await icebreakers,
continues the article.


Unusually thick Arctic sea ice has trapped 20+ ships. Pictured above is the
Mikhail Somov, a research vessel which had been traveling along the northern
sea route.

In recent years, ships traversing Russia's northern coast have had a relatively
easy time of it in the months of October and November - but trends change, and
this year, as our planet continues its descent into its next bout of global
cooling, the ice is re-freezing early and quickly.

Large parts of the remote Arctic waters were covered in thick sea-ice by late
October, reports thebarentsobserver.com, "and the white sheet is quickly
getting thicker and harder to navigate."

Arctic sea ice has now topped 10 million km2 (10.17 million as of Nov 21st) -
the second highest ice extent of any of the last 15 years. Additionally, the
years 2008 and 2005 are on course to be eclipsed in the coming days/weeks, as
are many from the early-2000s and mid/late-1990s, meaning that 2021 will soon
claim the title of 'the highest Arctic sea ice extent of the past two decades'
(since 2001).

For more on that, see:


Below is footage of an icy Lena river-crossing (to Yakutia, Russia) on Nov 22:

Crossing river Lena on the way to Yakutia, Russian republic.
Right now (@ 21:26 on Monday in the UK), its Tuesday in Yakutia @ 06:00am & the
temperature is -38°C°F



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Rudy Canoza
2021-11-29 01:38:31 UTC
School not cancelled in Yakutia, Russia as temperatures did not plunge to -50c (-58f)
November 23, 2021 Cap Allon
Is a liar.

The temperature did not fall to -50C. It was -35C.

Every word published at Electroverse is a lie.