Lee Lee The Wee Wee Wrangler Is Defending The Taxpayers of Florida?
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2021-12-02 02:04:55 UTC
On Wed, 01 Dec 2021 11:28:37 -0600, Lee says...
Florida taxpayers pay $1.6 million for DeSantis?
We don't NEED your sympathy. WE will GLADLY give Texas a hand, KNOWING they
will pay us back, you fucking moron.

We have a population of 21,000,000. That 21 MILLION.

That comes to SEVEN CENTS A person. WE aren't starving, like Democrats are in

We CAN afford that, because we're allowed to work AND play AND make money. Not
sit around and collect welfare checks, like you Canuckleheads.

(apologies to my conservative Northern neighbors)

Shut up pussy, and worry about your own backyard.


Trudeau's Gun Buy-Back Program Remains A Taxpayer Boondoggle


Though the program has not formally launched, it has already incurred $8.8
million in costs. "The gun buy-back is going to be a boondoggle," said Franco
Terrazzano, federal director of the CTF. "The feds haven't bought a single gun
yet, and costs continue to go up." In a Quarterly Financial Report, the public
safety department put costs to date ...


MP Pensions: Canadian Taxpayers Being Taken To Cleaners ...


Canadians are being taken to the cleaners by their own MPs for an overly
generous pension plan, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said Wednesday. The
cost of retiring the 41st Parliament would be $262 million in cumulative
pensions and $436 million if every MP was to stay in office until 2019 , the
Federation said in a new report.


Is A COVID-Weary Public Buying The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's Austerity


Yes, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation will talk about the dangers of
inflation, even though we haven't seen any of it for the better part of 20
years. And it will swear up and down that Canadians can't afford a single penny
of new taxes, even though that's demonstrably false.


Colonial Canada Had Slavery For More Than 200 Years. And Yes, It Still Matters

More Canadians Say Racism Is A "Serious Problem" Today Than 1 Year Ago

Canada Urged To Open Its Eyes To Systemic Racism In Wake Of Police Violence

Racism In Canada Is Ever-Present, But We Have A Long History Of Denial

Majority (60%) See Racism as a Serious Problem in Canada Today, Up 13 points
Since Last Year

Nearly a Third of Canadians (28%) Say They Have Personally Experienced Racism
in the Past Year - 24 July 2020


Canada's Enduring Legacy Of Power, Politics And Racism

75 Per Cent of Canadians Polled, Say Royal Canadian Mounted Police Has Systemic
Racism Issue

Systemic Racism In The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force

Racist Canada Kicks Indian Out of Parliament

Canada's Shameful, Modern-Day Slave Trade

Black Enslavement in Canada

Colonial Canada Had Slavery For More Than 200 Years. And Yes, It Still Matters

Canada's Slavery Secret: The Whitewashing Of 200 Years Of Enslavement


Canada Has Started Rejecting More Refugee Claims

Why https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/05/theres-a-

Canada has begun granting refugee status to fewer irregular border crossers

"Trying to depict these people as welfare bums and security threats and
criminals is a racist attitude. Canadians hate when you say that we're racist,


The Reality of Anti-Black Racism in Canada | BCG


Anti-Black racism in Canada is worse than most Canadians want to believe. With
the COVID-19 pandemic amplifying the injustices against Black People, it is now
more important than ever for Canadians to take action.


Racism & the Canadian historical past ...


The Canadian response to racism south of the border will be described as an
Americanization of Canadian historical past. The media's lack of protection of
racism in Canada, in its traditionally correct context, is a trigger for
concern. Totally different histories of racism.


Racism in Canada | News, Videos & Articles


Canadian MPs vote to condemn Atlanta mass shooting, anti-Asian racism. The move
comes days after eight people were killed by a white gunman in Atlanta. Six of
the victims were Asian American women ...


Anti-Asian Racism Lead, The Canadian Race Relations ...


The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) was created in 1996 to reaffirm
the principles of justice and equality for all in Canada. The CRRF's mandate is
to facilitate throughout Canada the development, sharing, and application of
knowledge and expertise to eliminate racism and all forms of racial
discrimination in Canadian society.


Is Canada a racist country? One-third of respondents in a ...


Jun 21, 2021

One-third of respondents in a new study say yes. Most Canadians agree that
Canada's diverse population makes it a better country. But on the question of
whether or not Canada is a racist country ...


Most Canadians Experience Racism ... - New Canadian Media


Canadian racism is sometimes called 'polite' and is characterized by
microaggressions, but that is a misnomer. Words like that are used to deflect
criticisms and differentiate Canada from the United States, says Henry, though
she does see similar ideologies and motivations.


Canada Must Withdraw From Racist Core Group - Yves Angler


The least Canadian antiracist activists should do is educate themselves about
racism in foreign affairs. There is no justification for Canada participating
in this nakedly imperialist alliance. All Canadians of conscience owe a debt of
solidarity to the people of Haiti. We must demand Ottawa immediately withdraw
from the racist Core Group.


Sikh Canadians Surge Politically In "Systemically Racist ...


"The reality is, our Canada is a place of racism, of violence." - NDP Party
Leader Jagmeet Singh, June 14th 2021. An unprecedented event occurred last
night in Alberta, Canada. Sikh-Canadian candidates won in both Calgary and
Edmonton mayoral elections.. Jhoti Gondek is the first Sikh-Canadian to become
mayor of Calgary. She will be taking over from Naheed Nenshi, three-time winner
as ...


Racism at IRCC could determine who gets in - New Canadian ...


IRCC employees are reporting racist workplace behaviour such as racially-
charged microaggressions at work, says survey. NCM reporter Isabel Inclan
reports on the deeper fallout. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
(IRCC) employees remain skeptical of the measures in place to tackle racism at
their workplace, according to a new report.
2021-12-02 02:37:27 UTC
On Wed, 01 Dec 2021 11:45:25 -0800, Siri Cruise says...
Texas announced they are sending marine patrols to protect
manatees. 48 states laugh uproariously.
Ehhh, no, they're not.

Oh my god... that is so

not funny!

I guess they're talking about you.

Why aren't liberals fun anymore? | TheHill


The point of this story is that liberals just don't have a sense of humor
anymore. The rage that the left feels now about President Trump. , tax cuts,
conservatives, Brett Kavanaugh and more has ...


WhineOn.org: It's true, liberals really have no sense of humor


WhineOn.org: It's true, liberals really have no sense of humor. Right-wingers
like to paint liberals as a bunch of humorless, whining ninnies, and the
hysterical reaction to the New Yorker 's cover on Barack Obama proves there is
more than a kernel of truth to that. What's especially striking is the elitism
inherent in the outrage: " We ...


Tim Allen: Liberals have little sense of humor about ...


"Liberals have a very small window of sense of humor about themselves, so I
love poking at it." That's a change from a few years ago, he said, when it was
conservatives who had trouble being joked ...


Why don't we have a sense a humour? Maybe it's about the ...


May 2, 2018The Menzies Research Centre, a Liberal-affiliated thinktank
dedicated to "liberty, free speech, competitive enterprise, smaller government
and democracy", is not known for its sense of humour.


Liberals Are Wimps (New Study Shocks Scientific Community...


Liberal men are physically smaller and weaker than conservative men - and it's


Vice Admits Liberal Men are Weaker, Less Attractive than...


Vice Admits Liberal Men are Weaker, Less Attractive than Conservatives By
Phillip Schneider on August 11, 2020 ( Leave a comment ) While the flames of
the culture war rage, even far-left media publication Vice admits that liberal
men are weaker and less competent than conservatives.


TRUTH: Why Liberals Are WEAKER Than Conservatives

TRUTH: Why Liberals Are WEAKER Than Conservatives. Speaking of weak liberals,
who can't even stand the sight of history: Texas Restaurant Defending
Controversial Sign Some Are Calling Racist - by Robert Gehl. A Texas restaurant
is under attack on social media for what many are calling its racist décor. The
neon sign hung at Cook's Garage...


Science Proves That Liberals Are Crazier Than Conservatives


Well, I recently came across a fantastic article about another study of
Liberals - except this time, instead of focusing on the weak males, it focuses
on the average Liberal woman instead. A Ph.D. candidate at Georgia State
University has analyzed the data out of a recent Pew Research Center poll, and
the results are amazing.


Shocker: Study Shows Physically Weak Men Tend to be Liberal


Shocker: Study Shows Physically Weak Men Tend to be Liberal. In news that will
surprise absolutely no one, a new study reveals that girly men are more likely
to favor socialist policies. The study, conducted by researchers at Brunel
University London, looked at the height, weight, physical strength, and bicep
circumference of 171 men, along...


Liberalism Breeds Soft, Weak, Young "Men" - Louder With...


by Steven Crowder I know some of you think when I say "liberalism breeds weak,
fat men," that I'm merely politicizing an issue to be polarizing. I assure you
that's not the case. Allow me five hundred words to make my case. I was a
chubby kid. Strike that, I was a jiggly shrimp. Skinny-fat. The kind of kid who
was relatively thin, yet managed to ma


Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive...


Liberals are not born uglier. They voluntarily remain ugly or become uglier to
fit a narrative. "Appearance is ideology". It takes a special kind of hypocrisy
to call something that is universally seen as ugly "beautiful" and vice-versa.


Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic


Jun 9, 2016 Turns out liberals are the real authoritarians. A political-science
journal that published an oft-cited study claiming conservatives were more
likely to show traits associated with "psychoticism"...


12 Reasons Why Liberals And Progressives Will Always Be...


Liberal men however are inexcusable, they are either effeminate enough to be
emotionally manipulated or are weak and yielding to social pressures. December
10, 2016 Take The Red Pill Don't forget that Liberal men are usually the
offspring of domineering feminists or divorced feminists and sometimes single


Men With Weak Upper Bodies Tend to Be Liberal - Physically Strong Men Tend to
Be Conservative

Men who are physically strong are more likely to take a right wing political
stance, while weaker men are inclined to support the welfare state, according
to a new study.

Researchers discovered political motivations may have evolutionary links to
physical strength.

Men's upper-body strength predicts their political opinions on economic
redistribution, according to the research.

The principal investigators - psychological scientists Michael Bang Petersen,
of Aarhus University in Denmark, and Daniel Sznycer, of the University of
California in the U.S., believe that the link may reflect psychological traits
that evolved in response to our early ancestral environments and continue to
influence behavior today.

Professor Petersen said: 'While many think of politics as a modern phenomenon,
it has - in a sense - always been with our species.'

In the days of our early ancestors, decisions about the distribution of
resources were not made in courthouses or legislative offices, but through
shows of strength.

With this in mind, Professor Petersen and Professor Sznycer hypothesized that
upper-body strength - a proxy for the ability to physically defend or acquire
resources - would predict men's opinions about the redistribution of wealth.
2021-12-03 03:43:13 UTC
On Thu, 02 Dec 2021 09:42:50 -0600, Lee says...
What do you expect the government
to do and why wasn't it done when the
GOP controlled the whole government?
Because of little pansies like you in Congress, who pissed, moaned, cried and
sued to keep those Republicans from doing anything.

AOC and her FAKE tears pictures?


AOC Gets Caught Faking Border Crisis Photos! - American...


Jermain Botsio: One thing I want to speak about is AOC. Recently she was just
busted for staging fake pictures at a border detention center. Candice Owens
restaged the pics in a similar fashion, which was absolutely hilarious. I want
to go ahead and show the crowd.


And DUMB ASS pussies like you, blaming "kids in cages" on Trump, instead of the
REAL culprit... whah whah but Obama.

Biden ADMITTED he put kids in cages, but only to "keep them safe."




(USAToday: liberal rag even knows it)

Fact check: Obama administration built migrant 'cages ...


Aug 26, 2020

The claim: Michelle Obama criticized the Trump administration for putting kids
in cages, but the cages were built during the Obama administration. The claim
is illustrated in a Facebook meme that ...


Did Obama Admin Build Cages That House Immigrant Children ...


Did Obama Admin Build Cages That House Immigrant Children at U.S.-Mexico
Border? While under scrutiny for treatment of migrants, the Trump
administration has been shifting blame to its predecessor.

Rating: True


Barack Obama, The Monumental Liar, Just Blamed President ...


Obama said that President Trump was responsible for putting migrant kids in
cages when it was his administration that did so, as even CNN reported in 2014:
Summit News reports : Barack Obama took a shot at President Trump in an
interview Wednesday, blaming him for border 'cages' that were actually
instituted and used under the former President ...


'Kids In Cages': It's True That Obama Built The Cages At ...


Oct 23, 2020


Obama's ICE Chief: Those Cages For Illegal Kids Were Built by O B A M A...


Thomas Homan, the executive associate director of Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) under Barack Obama, says it was the previous administration
that is responsible for building cages to house illegal immigrants.. The
statement is a startling blow to the fabricated notion that President Trump is
personally responsible for putting kids brought across the southern border in


Immigration fact check: 'Who built the cages?' - OBAMA ...


The Obama administration did build the cages Trump alluded to. The facility
Trump mentioned was built with chain-link fencing by the Obama administration
in 2014 in a warehouse in Nogales, Ariz.


Biden Finally Admits He and Obama Put 'Kids in Cages'


Biden Finally Admits He and Obama Put 'Kids in Cages' but Only to 'Keep Them
Safe'. During the Democratic primary debate in September, Joe Biden, when asked
by Univision's Jorge Ramos ...


So too, did Trump, then.


Ocasio-Cortez's Finest Moments:

AOC Graduated from Boston University With an ECONOMICS Degree, but said,
"Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs" (Do YOU have two jobs?)

"Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in
the world." (I'll bet a Lydian Alyatte you are wrong, dumbass)

"And we're like... the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address
climate change..."

"Um... The United States is running concentration camps on our Southern
Border." (um... no, we're not)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares her election victory in a deep blue district
to milestone American accomplishments, including establishing civil rights and
landing on the Moon.

Yeah, you heard that right. A Democrat winning in the Bronx is right up there
with the greatest achievement in the history of people-kind.

"There's three chambers of congre... er... government. The Senate, the House,
and the one with the president. I'm gonna stop now, otherwise I run the risk of
looking like I don't know what I'm talking about." (too late)

Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can
barely feed their family (an ah'm tarred)

A 17-year-old can walk into a "shop" and purchase an assault weapon. (uh, no.)
- https://tinyurl.com/Its-NOT-Easy-to-Buy-a-Gun

Abolish ICE (I'm up for a debate on immigration reform - but to throw open the
borders - are you effing kidding?)

"We need to occupy every airport. We need to occupy every border. We need to
occupy every ICE Office." (You already DO... CNN... duh!)

"Why aren't we incorporating the expense of all the funeral expenses of those
who die because they can't afford access to healthcare?"

"This, like, upper-middle class... is... probably more moderate. Um... but that
(upper-middle-class) doesn't exist, anymore." What?