The Curious Case of Black Advocates and MSM Hatred for Dr. Ben Carson
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Joe Cooper
2015-11-28 14:52:34 UTC
To you remaining black members of my family who take issue with me being
an outspoken black conservative Republican, I ask you ponder the
following. Comedian Arsenio Hall was known for his comedic bit, “Things
That Make You Go Hmmm...” Well, here are a few facts regarding self-
proclaimed black advocates and the mainstream media's disdain for Dr. Ben
Carson that make you go hmmm.

Summarizing, Dr. Carson's life is remarkable and inspirational. He grew
up fatherless in the hood with his hardworking single mom. She turned off
the TV and ordered Ben to read and give her written book reports. Though
illiterate, Carson's mom pretended to read his book reports. This
troubled black kid from the hood overcame his demons and grew up to
become a world-renowned neurosurgeon. A movie was made about Dr. Carson's
life titled, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story starring Oscar winner
Cuba Gooding Jr as Dr. Carson.

If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, Dr. Carson would
epitomize his dream of blacks (Negroes) being proud, dignified
contributors to society in America. So why does Black Lives Matter, the
mainstream media, the NAACP, and the Democratic Party despise and seek to
destroy Dr. Carson? Since he entered the race for the White House, self-
proclaimed black advocates and media have launched an all-out no-tactic-
or-lie-is-too-low campaign to knock Dr. Carson out of the race for

But guess who supposed advocates for black empowerment rallied behind and
transformed into heroic icons of civil rights? The answer is black
criminals; Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray. Keep in mind
that the supposed advocates for blacks that I mentioned hate Dr. Carson.
Shouldn't that make a thinking black person go hmmm?

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded on the lie that a white cop
shot Michael Brown while surrendering with his hands up. Based on the
evidence, Brown robbed a convenience store, assaulted the clerk, and was
shot attacking a cop inside his police car. Brown was trying to take the
officer's gun.

And yet, the mainstream media and Democrats ignored the grand jury's
report and continues to promote the lie that Brown was gunned down by a
racist white cop while on his way to his grandma's house. Black Lives
Matter, mainstream media and other so-called black advocates persist in
ignoring facts; such as in only 35 years 324,000 blacks have been killed
by fellow blacks. As a matter of fact, 93% of blacks are killed by other
blacks. Racist white cops “ain't” the problem y'all.

Drug dealer Freddie Gray had a record as long as your arm. Trayvon Martin
was also a prolific thug. So again I ask, why would so-called advocates
for black empowerment make saints of black criminals while relentlessly
attempting to demonize Dr. Carson?

Dr. Carson's path of education, hard work, Christian faith, and right
choices led him to extraordinary success and possibly even the Oval
Office. Martin, Brown, and Gray's criminal choices made them menaces to
society and led to their early deaths. Wouldn't true black advocates
encourage black youths to mimic Dr. Carson rather that elevating
criminals Martin, Brown and Gray to black superstar status?

Common sense tells us that self-proclaimed black advocates and the
mainstream media obviously have another agenda other than their stated
justice/empowerment for blacks.

The truth is these slimeball so-called black advocates and media hacks do
not give a rats' derriere about blacks. If they did, they would honestly
deal with the self-induced issues plaguing the black community: epidemic
school dropouts, drug abuse, black on black crime, and out-of-wedlock
births. But no, black advocates and media would rather blame
conservatives, Republicans, and white America.

Black Lives Matter, mainstream media, and Democrats want blacks to
conclude that Martin, Brown and Gray were the products of being
victimized by racist white America; particularly conservatives and
Republicans. That is a lie. Life is about choices. Circumstances tend to
reveal who you are inside.

My 87-year-old black dad also grew up poor and fatherless in the
Baltimore hood. As a little boy, Dad chose to earn money shining shoes on
weekends at the Greyhound Bus Station. One of his buddies chose crime;
two kids in similar circumstances making different choices. Dad was
taught responsibility at an early age. I could hear the pride in dad's
voice as he told me how he spent his first earnings. Out of $1.25 he made
one weekend, dad paid rent to Aunt Nee, took in a movie with candy and
popcorn and purchased a t-shirt. Dad bragged to a friend, “Yeah man, I'm
buyin' my own clothes now.”

I heard through the family grapevine that some relatives are embarrassed
by me publicly proclaiming that blacks are not victims of racist America.
To them I say, “Sorry guys, but we are not.” My goodness, all one has to
do is look around.

Racism along with every other sin will exist until Jesus returns.
However, the notion that blacks are suffering, held back, routinely
murdered by cops, and victimized by “white privilege” is absurd. These
narratives are manipulative tools to keep blacks voting for Democrats.
Suckered blacks believe voting for Democrats will keep racist white
America and Republicans at bay. After 50 years of voting for Democrats,
black life continues to spiral downward in cites controlled by Democrats.

Blacks from the hood like my dad and Dr. Carson who achieve their
American dreams contradict the Democrats' and mainstream media's it-
sucks-to-be-black-in-America story line. The undeniable truth is the
American dream is alive and well for all who choose to go for it. The
only real stumbling block for blacks is Obama's economy.

So why has the mainstream media sacrificed its journalistic principles to
help Democrats win black votes? The answer is the media and Democrats are
on the same page; socialist/progressive -- both desire an America in
which the majority is dependent upon and controlled by a tyrannical big
government. Oh and both have a bug up their derriere about Christians.
Democrats and mainstream media will vehemently deny it, but it is true.

In essence, elitist mainstream media and Democrats want George Orwell's
novel 1984 --- a nation of supplicants subservient to Big Brother. These
truths should make logical thinkers go hmmm.

Source: http://bit.ly/1MWogJd
Obama Nine Hours Before Paris Terror Attack: "We've Contained ISIS"

"Never underestimate the willingness of white progressives to be offended
on behalf of people who aren’t and to impose their will on those who
didn’t ask for it." (Derek Hunter)

"Liberals never argue with one another over substance; their only dispute
is how to prevent the public from figuring out what they really
believe." (Ann Coulter)
2015-11-28 19:40:41 UTC
On Sat, 28 Nov 2015 14:52:34 -0000 (UTC), Joe Cooper
Post by Joe Cooper
To you remaining black members of my family who take issue with me being
an outspoken black conservative Republican, I ask you ponder the
....just remember, that siding with those who have abused you (and
still do) is a sign of self-proven stupidity

Really dumbo stuff.
Post by Joe Cooper
"These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America’s
founding fathers.

Ronald Regan introducing the Mujahideen leaders, 1985).
2015-11-28 21:32:02 UTC
It's because Democrats (liberals) are racists.
2015-11-29 01:01:03 UTC
Post by Ubiquitous
It's because Democrats (liberals) are racists.
So---Strom Thurmond and George Wallace (and most DixeCrats)

Could you get any dumber if you REALLY tried?
Post by Ubiquitous
"These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America’s
founding fathers.

Ronald Regan introducing the Mujahideen leaders, 1985).
2015-11-29 01:58:38 UTC
Post by S***@smack.com
Post by Ubiquitous
It's because Democrats (liberals) are racists.
So---Strom Thurmond and George Wallace (and most DixeCrats)
Could you get any dumber if you REALLY tried?
Carson's an expert at cutting up brains. He's way better with a knife than
OJ Simpson.

I really think the Pyramids were giant wheat silos for the Jews. He's a
Doctor, how could he be wrong?

Those fucking Egyptians, they're nothing but assholes who twist the facts.

Egypt to Ben Carson: no, the pyramids were not for storing grain

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2015-11-29 02:48:28 UTC
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