Anti-gun Groups Seeking to Build on Washington State's "Victory"
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Gun Grabbers 2015
2021-10-23 02:48:50 UTC
Apparently the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense
in America didn’t get the memo from November: You lost big in
the midterms. Instead, MDA just announced it is targeting
country music star Alan Jackson and comedian Jeff Foxworthy for
agreeing to open the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting
in Nashville, Tennessee, in April. In its Facebook announcement,
MDA criticized the two for accepting the invitation from the NRA
— the group which, according to the MDA, “pushed to arm
convicted criminals, blocked federal gun violence research and
[their] board members promoted armed insurrection.”

MDA then urged its members to “educate these celebrities on the
dangerous and irresponsible policies of the [NRA].”

This is reflective of the new life anti-gun groups — from MDA to
the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence to Americans for Responsible
Solutions to Mayors Against Illegal Guns (now called Everytown
for Gun Safety) — believe they received in the November midterm

In Colorado, for example, the two anti-gun state senators who
were recalled last year were replaced with two new anti-gun
senators, keeping that body under Democrat control.

The big boost, however, came with passage of Initiative 594 in
Washington State now requiring background checks for every
transfer of a firearm. These were two of the three states where
Everytown focused its energy, and Michael Bloomberg’s millions,
and reaped their “victories.” These successes, according to
Everytown’s President John Feinblatt, indicate the effectiveness
of grassroots efforts funded with lots of money. He stated,

This [represents] a huge amount of movement in two years on an
issue where Republicans and Democrats [at the federal level] ran
for the hills for more than a decade.

We’re going to build on the successes of 2014 and do more.

Gabby Giffords, the retired U.S. representative from Arizona and
the founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, spent more
than $10 million on local efforts in 2014, and she plans to
spend even more. In a recent e-mail to her supporters, she
sought not only new funds to replenish her coffers, but input on
their new strategy to target local races rather than Congress.

Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun
Violence, one of the more extreme anti-gun groups supported by
such organizations as Americans for Democratic Action, the
National Urban League, and the Presbyterian Church (USA),
affirmed that the mid-term election results will have little
impact on their agenda:

We’ll probably be playing a little more defense, but I think
we’re optimistic that we’ll be able to tamp down any type of
[National Rifle Association] meddling and then be in a better
position in 2016 to continue our work.

We’re not going to be going away, I can tell you that much.

Horwitz even saw victory in the Senate takeover by the
Republicans, saying it “weeded out” a number of red-state
Democrats who supported gun rights, leaving the remaining
Democrats “united” in opposition to the expected pro-gun agenda
of the Republicans. He asserted, “It’s going to be a much
stronger, unified bunch of Democrats, and I think that is going
to be able to hopefully stop most of the NRA’s agenda.”

Anti-gunners were also cheered by the folding of Republicans in
the Senate as it confirmed the nomination of Surgeon General
Vivek Murthy. Said Erika Lamb, a spokeswoman for Everytown: "We
see that political leaders are listening to what’s happening in
the states as they recently confirmed … Murthy in a stunning
defeat of the gun lobby’s fight against his nomination."

Robert Spitzer, a political scientist and observer of such
trends at State University of New York-Cortland, thinks the
change in strategy has merit and will bear fruit for the anti-
gunners. He also thinks the financial interests behind gun
controls are putting the NRA into a tight spot:

They have come up with a strategy that seems to be working so
far. For the first time in gun-politics history, the NRA is
being outspent by the pro-gun control forces….

I have a feeling the NRA thinks they would be bled dry if they
try to match Bloomberg’s spending.

In Nevada, for example, grassroots efforts funded by wealthy out-
of-state donors are already bearing fruit. A Bloomberg-funded
group has already collected more than 250,000 signatures to put
a universal background check initiative on the ballot in 2016.

In Washington State, the victors behind Initiative 594 aren’t
relaxing, either. A newly created group, the Center for Gun
Responsibility, is pressing forward with its agenda, including
creating criminal liability for parents whose firearms are used
by their children to commit gun-related violence, and passing a
law similar to California’s “Domestic Violence Protective
Orders.” This would allow “concerned” family members to force
the removal of firearms from a member whom they consider a
“threat to themselves or to others.” They also want to ramp up
more “health and safety” rules at privately-owned shooting
ranges in the state.

Millions from wealthy anti-gun donors coupled with local,
grassroots organization are reminding patriots that the
opposition in the freedom fight never stops. It just morphs into
a different and more dangerous form.


Michael Skaggs • 4 days ago
To prove how sleazy some in the gun control camp are, the
billionaire who financed the ballot measure in Washington State
said, "We need more school shootings to help pass gun control
legislation." Time to send in Dr. Crane.
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Alice • 4 days ago
these whacky moms need their heads examined. That comes from
having too many kids, and not teaching them.
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tom2 • 4 days ago
I wonder if the MDA bosses are protected by Uzi-armed protection
details as Bloomberg is.
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wolfpack907 • 4 days ago
What kind of "MOM" would not do everything in their power to
protect their kids? Communist weak cowardous sheep moms that's
who! Well we want more from our Moms we want our moms to teach
kids gun safety, we want real American Moms to embrace the
opportunity to teach your kids self- security! I'm glad I didn't
have one of those commies as my mom!!! Because you as a commie
mom are scared of everything, do you really want your kids
scared of everything also?
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wolfpack907 • 4 days ago
The funny part of this is, osammie and the supporter of cop
killers holder, are the ones wanting to arm criminals and
terrorists in this country!!! It was in the news for everyone to
read!!! We also don't want moms that can't read cause of fear!!!
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Shientienchi G • 2 days ago
Just another organization run by communists
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1PissedAmerican • a day ago
Mothers demand action well get off the street protesting against
our constitutional rights and go home and cuddle up with your
husband or boyfriend or lesbian girlfriend.Whatever happen to
M.A.A.D ?
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Just Wondering
2021-10-23 05:26:45 UTC
Post by Gun Grabbers 2015
Apparently the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense
in America didn’t get the memo from November: You lost big in
the midterms. Instead, MDA just announced it is targeting
country music star Alan Jackson and comedian Jeff Foxworthy for
agreeing to open the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting
in Nashville, Tennessee, in April.
Aren't you even a little embarrassed trying to present a
6 year old story as current events?