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Narcissism: Inside the Lonely, Envious World of the 'Perfect Ones'

March 13, 2013

By Lynn Somerstein, PhD, RYT, Object Relations Topic Expert Contributor

Man admiring himself in mirror

Most of the time when we talk about narcissism we're thinking about the other
kind... the bad kind, where the person thinks he or she is perfect in every
way; you are just the opposite, a total loser, and the "Perfect One" is an
expert at making sure you feel that way. Now, I'm not saying this is a plot,
something done on purpose. It can be unconscious, but that doesn't make it
easier to live with.

Everyone knows a Perfect One, and might even admire the person a little.
Perfect Ones are always in the know, or seem to be, but what they know best is
how to take the bad feelings they have about themselves and shovel them onto
whoever is around and ready to accept them. They lower your feelings about
yourself so they can feel better. Putting you down raises them up. And if
you're lacking in self-confidence, you're their perfect companion.

Could that be you? If you're self-confident and aware of your abilities, taking
credit when it's coming to you should be a pleasure. But if you lack self-
confidence, accepting a compliment can be pretty hard. Instead of feeling good,
you may even feel ashamed. How come? And can you do anything about it? If you
sometimes react with feelings of discomfort or shame when you've done something
really well and been told about it, you may be responding to early feelings of
worthlessness that were part of faulty family situations. Maybe your parents
lacked self-esteem, too, and passed that on to you, or maybe you're related to
a Perfect One who trained you to be his or her audience, or perhaps you endured
bullying in school. Perfect Ones make good bullies.

It could be that when you were a kid you were subjected to the envious feelings
of others, so every time someone tells you something good about yourself you
don't believe it, or you expect something bad to happen, because that's how
you've been trained, so you'd rather put the spotlight on someone else, and who
better than a Perfect One? Perfect Ones expect all compliments to come their
way. If this applies to you, try to figure out who around you might be part of
the problem. You can talk to them about it, but-even better-you can talk to
yourself about it, remembering that what Perfect Ones are saying has more to do
with their own feelings about themselves than about you. In fact, if you listen
to the negative things they say, you'll learn a lot about their secret,
shameful feelings about themselves, proving that, deep down, they know they're
not really perfect after all.

Shame and narcissism are fellow travelers, a continuum of feelings about the
self. Picture a seesaw with shame on the bottom and narcissism on the top. Envy
accompanies the up-and-down actions of the seesaw. Perfect Ones feel envy all
the time, and process that feeling by making others feel envious so Perfect One
can feel superior. Perfect Ones' feelings of superiority go with the
expectation that they are better than everybody else and deserve favorable
treatment in the world. They use others to get what they want, they believe
they have it coming, and when they don't get what they think they deserve they
react with intense anger, called narcissistic rage. Perfect Ones don't see
others as equals; they see others as tools. Their internal feelings about
themselves are unsteady, and they have to work hard to keep feeling good.

We've been talking about a make-believe person called Perfect One. The use of
the word "one" is important here. Think ONE. A universe of one, where Perfect
Ones want YOU to love THEM, but they are not capable of loving you or anyone
else back. It's a pretty cold world when you are the only Perfect One. If
you've spent any time with Perfect Ones, you may have felt very lonely. Inside,
the Perfect Ones feel lonely too, because no one is good enough to share their
world. You might feel sorry for them, but don't let the Perfect Ones take
advantage of your ability to feel for others. Perfect Ones are expert

After you have learned the game and how it's played, you can stop playing with
Perfect Ones and find humans who aren't perfect but play fair. You'll have a
better time all around.

Remember my image of the seesaw? Perfect One on top? Well, Perfect One will
fall down with a thud when you get off the seesaw. And then you can get back on
and come to a good balance with someone else.
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Does this fir you, as well?


As their personal power fades and their social sphere narrows, narcissists are
more likely to look for scapegoats anywhere they can.

Their increasingly desperate grandiose delusions often bring out bigotry and
assertions of superiority over marginalized people, including other old people.

Aging narcissists often express ageism, sexism, racism, and homophobia to
bolster themselves against their feelings of lost power over others.


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